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"Fall" Forward

We have one more week of summer and it certainly feels like it.

Today I am back after 2 weeks of party prepping and planning for big birthdays for my mother and husband. They had fun and now that's done. School is in session. COVID cases are plateauing. We are to planning to have office hours one day a month, starting soon - they will be listed "IN PERSON - NEW" or "IN-PERSON-Follow Up." Prices will be the same.

Office hours for the fall and winter - will be listed online, with weekend and evening appointments available. I encourage you to make an appointment 2-4 weeks before your due date given by the state, which is 360 days from your last appointment.

Two new dispensaries are up and running in our area -Bordentown, NJ (Burlington Counties), Deptford and Williamstown, NJ (Gloucester County). check out for the closest site to you.

Here's to seeing you soon! Good luck and stay safe.


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