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Dancing happy bird...with pancreatic cancer? NYT explores Cannabis & other animals

This is why I love science!

I can "feel" whatever way I want to about a treatment, but witness results, see evidence, recognize bias, try your darndest to eliminate it... the facts begin to build. The round earth, microbes causing illness, gut health theory, plant-based benefits - all debated in their time. I'm not one to look and react (we all judge but as long as we keep it in between our two ears or let it propel us for more understanding/knowledge).

This is how I became known as an integrative physician. Merely because I don't turn my nose up at unconventional treatment and am curious about new research or small studies with potential. Early I received all my integrative medicine right from the American Family Practice journal. It was there, just smaller or the part that is [not paid for/covered/time-consuming/hard to reach/unlikely/has poor patient adherence] *insert expletive freely*

Cannabis is that, in addition, my wonder about diseases of lifestyle, depression and anxiety. My curiosity and my willingness to listen to patients led me here. I'm not the biggest cannabis advocate - it has downsides. With downsides come the need for more education. True education about alcohol and its health effects is incomplete in our society, just like Cannabis. However we have (to some agree) some breadcrumbs of knowledge along the way - parents, health teachers, PSAs, college health professionals, health educators- those are our peeps! We are in the VERY early stages of this for cannabis. We'll see if we get it right.

But our vet partners allow us humans to see situations with less bias. How does the turtle fake the effects? How does a bird with pancreatic cancer who rejects their (failed) opioid trials, become a willing consumer, complete with a dancing right foot.

We get giddy, but I'll let science explain.

It might take 200 years but hey, how long have turtles, ferrets, and parakeets been around? It's a sliver in the concept of time.

I'll be a happy reader, observer, etc. along the way.

Cannabis & animals

Check out this NYT article:

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