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A happy, helpful, and gracious new year 2022...

First and foremost I wish all of you a happy holidays and blessed new year. Below you will find a copy of the winter newsletter/email. But first I would like to think you for your support. Thank you for your referrals.

As we enter the new year, dispensaries will expand and multiply. You will likely see more effects of legalization. An informed, educated patient is our most powerful tool. I encourage you to keep diaries of dosages, new strains, and tinctures if and when you make changes to your regimen. Check in yearly. Make sure you have plenty of time when your allotment is complete and your appointment time - approximately 2 weeks.

Mark your calendars - prolonged time off for this time of the year will be:

April 15-25th. Please plan accordingly.

Our monthly in-office hours the second Tuesday of the month for new and established patients close to 295 in Lawnside, NJ have paused for January and February; we will reassess the COVID spike in March.

Updated links for all 2021 online forms and coupons will expire 12/31/21. Updated electronic links and email should transition no later than 1/4/22.

2022 Price changes: Unfortunately we have seen ~10% price increase in the malpractice, there are some services that may see an increase for 2022 and will be updated on the website.

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